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Health Home Care Management Achieve Savings & Improve Quality

Over 180,000 high-risk, high-need adults and children are enrolled in Health Homes, being served by 4,000 care managers through care management agencies in their local communities. As a result:

Health Home members enrolled 9 months or more had a:

  • 39% reduction in In-Patient Hospitalizations resulting in cost savings of over $8 Million or on average $2,486.00 per member

  • 52% reduction in Emergency Room Visits

  • 38% reduction in Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR)

Health Homes Work in Connecting Members to Community Level Healthcare

  • 54% increase in outpatient services, including Primary Care visits

  • 34% increase in pharmacy services

2024 Advocacy Materials

& Talking Points

Click the links below to download our Advocacy Materials and Talking Points.

Health Home Care Management Advances Health Related Social Care Needs

Individuals receiving Health Home Care Management reported the following:

  • 36% of individuals indicate food insecurity

  • 26% of individuals were concerned about losing their current housing or did not have a steady place to live

  • 24% of individuals lacked reliable transportation that kept them from medical appointments, meetings, work, or from getting things needed for daily living

  • 7% of individuals either had their utility services shut off or threatened within the past 12 months.

  • 36% of individuals had 2 or more health related social needs as indicated above.

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